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The Swordswoman Marle - Chapter 4
Finally a new(and complete) chapter for DA! YAY!
Chapter 4
The Queen is Gone
A Mysterious Cathedral With A Secret Base Beneath It That Must Have Been Made Years Ago By Mystics In Secret Which Brings Up The Question Of How Long Has That Been There Or Was It Made For The War And If So Just How Long Have They Been Planning This Kidnapping And Did The Cathedral Get Burned Down After The War Because It Was A Mystic Cathedral With A Secret Basement?

“Four hundred years, in the future.” The knight repeated, only glancing over from his horse occasionally. Before leaving, they had stopped at the stables. Three horses waited for them. An extra for the queen.
Marle nodded, also keeping her focus forward.
“You understand how absurd this sounds.”
“Try coming to terms with it. There is no other explanation.” Marle nudged her horse to keep it it from nibbling the grass.
“Even if we do find the queen, this does not prove your sanity.” He spared
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The Swordswoman Marle - Chapter 3
This chapter has more two new characters! Huzzah!
Chapter 3
The Queen Returns
Lucca's Scientific Side-trip

Blue and purple everywhere. Somehow Marle knew she'll have nightmares about those colors.
Finally the feeling of falling stopped, though not as abruptly as one would expect. Was this how Crono felt when he was moved from one machine to the other? It felt far too long for what looked like a short trip. She is just glad that was over. Though, the silence is certainly unusual. Shouldn't there be more cheers for her reappearing? Or relieved gasps? Stranger still is the grass beneath her.
Marle opened her eyes to find her surrounding completely different than last she saw.
Instead of stone and metal, is grass, trees, bushes, and all other forms of nature completely untouched. The clearing is small, walled off trees, bushes, and a cliff face. The only way out is an opening by the cliff, leading most likely further into this new area.
“The telepod must have worked,”
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The Swordswoman Marle - Chapter 2
Welcome to the new version of TSM, with new intro to Crono and more solo Marle! Hope you enjoy.
Chapter 2
The Millennial Fair
As Leene's Bell Sounds

The large crowds squeezing into the entrance made it very difficult to navigate. But soon the people spread out and she was able to see the town square in all it's decorated glory. Banners, ribbons, balloons, stalls with food and other merchandise, games and prizes, the large tent with a rather unsettling skull for an entrance.
Men running in her direction.
Nadia hurried out of the away from the oncoming runners. An old man shook his head beside her with an exasperated sigh. “Great, now Green Ambler might lose this one!”
“Green Ambler?” She questioned, but the man shook his head before walking off.
Later she learned that the racers could be bet on for silver points. Betting on races never really interested her so she looked around some more for other games. Tossing the ball into a cup, hitting mystic image
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The Swordswoman Marle - Chapter 1
Some of you are probably thinking, wait a minute, "You already posted Chapter 1, what's this?!"
Well, after some comments on Fanfiction, I realized my AU wasn't so much an AU, even if I had some nice comments saying otherwise as well. Also there were things with the story I wasn't satisfied with and wanted to fix. Including a few new added elements I didn't put in well.
So, I went back, wrote some chapters summaries, and started over again. I feel this sets it up much better and shows the differences more. As well as new characters. :) So if you read the first three 1/2(I say 1/2 cause I put 1/2 of chapter 4 up on Fanfiction) I highly recommend you read this. It is different.
This chapter is now longer too. And has a character I forgot to put in right away. So I hope you enjoy this new and hopefully improved version. :)
Chapter 1
New Game
A New Day Begins

Leene's bell rings clearly in the new day. Announcing the early hour in which most are still asleep. Only a few wok
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Chapters Cards 1-4 The Swordswoman Marle by SailorPhantom Chapters Cards 1-4 The Swordswoman Marle :iconsailorphantom:SailorPhantom 2 2

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Tips from TMM
Hey guys!  A little while ago, :iconsliv-pie: did a journal giving her tips on how to make a good entry. So, I thought I would take a shot at shedding some light on the judging process as well.
NOTICE: It is important that you keep in mind that these are my opinions, not necessarily any of the other judges.
When judging an entry I try to focus on many things. These things are: Art, Story, Character, and Canon. But what exactly do we mean by these? Well in this journal I am going to go into detail on each category to give you a better idea.
This is a HUGE category, one of which is extremely important in this competition. There are several factors concerning art that you need to consider when making your entry.
Paneling and Readability
It is incredibly important when making a comic that your readers can actually read what is happening. Paneling can be difficult, but if you are having trouble making readable panels than you can always reve
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The Rabbit intensifies by ZoraSteam

It makes sense though.
another funny spine face by ZoraSteam
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